Declaration of Completion of an Academic Minor

Criteria for Review

Note:  Requesting a review of a student's course requirements does not qualify as approval of a Declaration of Completion of an Academic Minor by the IT Program or its staff.

  1. Submit when all requirements have been completed, or during the final semester just prior to graduation.
  2. Submit a completed web form, below, or deliver a completed hard copy to our offices.  See Contact Page for location.
  3. IT Program Academic Advisor will review your submission.
  4. Once approved, the declaration form will be delivered to Registrars Office. Processing takes one to two weeks time once final grades are received.
  5. IT Minor will be added your transcript.
  6. Once a student graduates, courses may not be taken to complete the IT Minor per University policy.
  7. Ordinarily, courses applied to a minor must be completed prior to graduation per University policy.
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