Courses That Have Been Replaced or Discontinued

This listing shows courses that were approved toward the IT Minor, but have since been replaced or discontinued. Courses that were replaced by new courses that continue to be approved still count toward the minor. Courses that have been discontinued still count toward the minor as long as they were taken before they were discontinued.

Course Nbrsort descending Course Name Description Notes Requirement(s) Catalog Status
ACCOUNTG 312 Systems Analysis and Design

The systems analyst function: that interface between the users of the information system and the computer personnel. Systems theory and data base concepts; emphasis on the systems design, systems evaluation, anti-justification.

--- Technical No Longer Available
ART 397CC Information Design I --- Elective No Longer Available
ART 397Z Computer-aided Graphic Design --- Elective No Longer Available
BCT 452 Building Materials Computing

Builds decision-making and problem solving skills in energy efficient housing, estimating and bidding, and marketing in the building materials industry. Computer and internet based technologies are applied to prior theory.

Was BMATWT Elective No Longer Available
BIOLOGY 597 Special Topics: Genomics and Bioinformatics --- Elective No Longer Available
BIOST & EP I690F Information Systems in Public Health --- Elective No Longer Available
CMPSCI 391B/123 Introduction to JAVA II

This is a programming course in Java for students who have previous programming experience in Java, C or C++. Students will be introduced to a variety of advanced topics such as inheritance, polymorphism, interface design, threads, and design patterns. Object-oriented concepts will be covered in great detail, but 123 assumes general familiarity with basic programming concepts. 

NO LONGER OFFERED Elective No Longer Available
CMPSCI 391F Fundamentals of Graphic Communication

Provide students with an understanding of computer-based design and multimedia production. The course will cover basic concepts in the areas of graphic design, animation, and designing for interactivity. These concepts will help prepare students for more advanced studies in 2D and 3D animation and in multimedia production and programming. 

NO LONGER OFFERED Elective No Longer Available
CMPSCI 397B/551 3-D Animation and Digital Editing

Students work alone and in teams to create high-quality publishable animated pieces using three-dimensional graphics technology. Techniques include digital editing, sound, music, design, modeling, rendering, surfaces, textures, and lighting.

NO LONGER OFFERED Elective No Longer Available
CMPSCI 397C/552 Interactive Multimedia Production

Students explore interactive authoring tools to develop presentation and training systems by using programming languages within professional packages to present graphics, animation, text, sound, and music based on user request.

NO LONGER OFFERED Elective No Longer Available
CMPSCI 397D/ 591U Interactive Web Programming

This course teaches students how use the Adobe programs Flash and Flex. Students will learn how to build online videogames similar to those found on in Flash. Students also learn how to build database driven web applications in Flash and Flex. Individual projects are assigned every three weeks, as well as a final project at the end of the semester.  To take this class you must have an understanding of programming concepts and techniques and also be a highly motivated learner.

NO LONGER OFFERED Elective No Longer Available
CMPSCI 397E/ 591O Character Animation NO LONGER OFFERED Elective No Longer Available
CMPSCI 591N Computational Linguistics --- Elective No Longer Available
COMM 397E/591O Culture and Politics of the Internet*

This course critically examines how telecommunications infrastructure, information and communications technologies and new media content are governed in a global economy. Looking at case studies from both 'developed' and 'developing' economies, we will consider the tensions between national and global forces and public and private interests, and examine the role of civil society in shaping the politics of new media policy.

--- Broadened Inquiry, or Elective No Longer Available
EDUC 592B Intro to Learning Media & Tech

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the fundamental preoccupations of the field of Learning Media and Technology (LMT), as well as to take participants on a journey through the "cutting edge" of Media, Technology, and Education.  This field is a subset of the discipline of Education primarily concerned with the integration of technology and learning through the study and development of theories and practices in Pedagogy, Cognitive Studies, Computer Science, Communications, Media and the Arts, Sociology, Cultural Studies, and various aspects of Design. 

--- Broadened Inquiry No Longer Available
EDUC 592EE User Interface Design for Learning

This course considers principles and heuristics for the design of user interfaces to software systems, in particular systems targeting the learning of sciences, mathematics, and programming.

--- Elective No Longer Available
FINOPMNT 373 Computer Simulation --- Elective Replaced
GEO-SCI 352 Computer Mapping

Replaced by GEOGRAPH 352

--- Elective Replaced
GEO-SCI 426 Introduction to Remote Sensing

Course introduces the principles of digital image analysis for interpreting remotely sensed data for environmental, resource and urban studies.  Emphasis will be given to the processing and information extraction from optical and thermal imagery.

Was GEOSCI 591Q. Replaced by GEOGRAPH 426. Elective No Longer Available
GEO-SCI 468 GIS and Spatial Analysis Replaced by GEOGRAPH 468 Elective No Longer Available
Honors 499C Full Year Course: Multidisciplinary Info Tech Community Service Capstone* Part 1 The IT Capstone is no longer offered Broadened Inquiry No Longer Available
Honors 499D Full Year Course: Multidisciplinary Info Tech Community Service Capstone* Part 2 The IT Capstone is no longer offered Elective No Longer Available
HT-MGT 392E Sem-Contemporary Legal and Ethical Issues in Cyberspace ---This course has not been taught for 5 years and we have been unable to determine whether it might be taught again. Broadened Inquiry, or Elective No Longer Available
JOURNAL 391R Travel Writing and Photojournalism

This course requires a group trip to Sicily during spring break in March.  Students will learn about travel writing and cultural reporting.  Photography will be taught by an experienced photographer, including digital photography using Photoshop.  

No longer offered as an IT elective. Elective No Longer Available
JOURNAL 392M S-Intro to Nonfiction Writing Journalism Majors Only Elective No Longer Available
JOURNAL 392R Future of Online Journalism

Course introduces the practice of literary journalism, narrative writing, and the writing techniques that make it possible. Writing assignments include reviews, travel, and cultural reporting. 

No longer offered as an IT elective. Elective No Longer Available
JOURNAL 397W Introduction to Online Journalism

Digital storytelling, blogging, mirco-blogging, and social media affect how people get their news and are becoming more relevant than TV and radio.  Class members will survey current trends in the online space and in mainstream media to see what works and what does not work for consumers.  Students will explore basic HTML programming, the fundamentals of graphic design and the semiotics of information design for online publications. 

Journalism Majors Only Elective No Longer Available
LEGAL 491O Conflict and Cyberspace: Online Dispute Resolution*

Course introduces students to the evolving field of online dispute resolution.  Students will have opportunities to participate and role play in several simulated online dispute resolution cases.  Simulations will utilize different online platforms and dispute resolution techniques (i.e. mediation, negotiation, and arbitration).  

--- Broadened Inquiry, or Elective No Longer Available
MUSIC 585 Fundamentals of Electronic Music

Elementary study of the literature and techniques of electronic music. Extensive listening assignments in the serious electronic repertory: elementary composition projects for tape and analog synthesizer. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

--- Elective No Longer Available
NRC 297S Introduction to Spatial Information Technologies

Introduction to maps and mapping, aerial photography, satellite imagery, and geographic information systems (GIS). Prepares students for more advanced coursework in GIS and remote sensing.

--- Elective No Longer Available
SCH-MGMT 397L Contemporary Legal and Ethical Issues in Cyberspace ---This course has not been taught since 2009 and we have not been able to confirm whether it will be taught again. It is being treated as discontinued. Broadened Inquiry, or Elective Replaced