Winter or Summer Courses


Summer 2022 Session IT Minor Courses

These IT Program-approved courses are running in the Summer 22 Session. This information may change.

Be sure to consult Spire for any course restrictions. Updated 5/2/22.

ACCT 311 Accounting Info Systems Elective
BCT 320 Intro CAD & BIM/Constr & Arch Elective
BCT 420 Designing with 3D CAD & BIM Elective
COMM 121 Intro to Media and Culture Broadened Inquiry
COMPSCI 121 Intro Problem Solving W/Comp Technical
COMPSCI 187 Programming w/Data Structures Technical
E&C-ENG 190D Better Decisions by Humans and AI Broadened Inquiry
ECON 397LE ST-Econ/Big Data: Liars' Econ Broadened Inquiry
FIN 304 Financial Modeling Elective
MARKETNG 455 Internet Marketing Elective
NRC 585 Introduction to GIS Elective
OIM 210 Intro to Business Info Systems Foundation
OIM 350 Business Intel & Analytics Technical
PHIL 110 Introduction To Logic Foundation
RES-ECON 112 Computng:Foundtns to Frontiers Foundation
RES-ECON 312 Intro to Econometrics Elective
SUSTCOMM 297L ST-VisComm:DesignPrinc/DigiSkl Elective

Winter 2023 Session IT Minor Courses

IT courses will appear here when that information is available.