Winter or Summer Courses

Summer 2018 Session IT Minor Courses

We have identified the following courses for Summer Session 2018, as qualifying for IT Minor requirements.

If you find any errors or omissions in this list, please let us know.

COMPSCI 121 Intro Problem Solving W/Comp Technical
COMPSCI 187 Programming w/Data Structures Technical
E&C-ENG 242 Data Structures & Algorithms Technical
EDUC 593A S-Teaching & Learning in Tech Elective
FINANCE 304 Financial Modeling Elective
MARKETNG 455 Internet Marketing Elective
MARKETNG 491F S-Topics in Social Media Broadened Inquiry
OIM 210 Intro to Business Info Systems Foundation
OIM 451 Information & Project Managmnt Elective
PHIL 110 Introduction To Logic Foundation