What if I have registration issues?

Courses limited to majors and/or it has prerequisites
If a course is limited to majors and/or it has prerequisites, minors may have difficulty registering for some courses via SPIRE. (This is caused, in part, because SPIRE doesn't track minors of any type.) As an IT Minor, you still have an opportunity to register for the course!

Make sure you are enrolled in the IT Minor (see above) and then contact the course instructor. Explain that you are an IT Minor and that you would like to take their class. Space permitting, the instructor may allow you to enroll in the class. It is the instructor's discretion to allow students into his/ her course. The instructor will want to make sure you are adequately prepared to take the course, but you may not have to take the listed prerequisites.

If an instructor would like to verify that you are an IT Minor student, please have them contact our office. Please see our Contact Page for details.

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