IT Steering Committee 11-30-2012


Nikki Stoia, Janine Solber, Patricia Galvis-Assmus, David Todd


Friday, November 30, 2012

RE:  IT Minor Curriculum (item 3 on agenda)

A. Waiving of Fundamentals Course requirement

Entrance to IT Minor (waiving of Foundation course) possible based on High School course work and/or passing of CCC.

- IT Program policy and website to state:

Foundation course may be waived with evidence of completion approved by IT Program Advisor &/or successful completion of CCC. Generally, CompSci majors meet this requirement through previous coursework.

VOTE: Unanimous Approval

B. Course Approval Process Policy

The following was proposed:

  1. The proposal should include a syllabus and, if necessary, a statement of the relevance of the course to IT and to the IT Minor requirements.
  2. The proposal should include an indication from the faculty member if any necessary departmental approvals for the proposal have been obtained
  3. Full course approval may only be granted by the IT Minor Advisory committee.
  4. When time does not allow review by the Advisory Committee, provisional approval may be granted by the IT Program Director, in consultation with the Academic Advisor and any individual members of the Advisory Committee. Such approval may only be granted for Electives and Broadened Inquiry courses and is limited to one semester. [Approved without dissent]

This process is reflected in a new proposal form (see Information Technology Minor: Course Proposal Form).

Vote: Unanimous Approval - with amendment to not require prior approval by respective department. It is individual faculty member's responsibility to acquire departmental approval.

C. IT Minor Access to Restricted Courses

The following was proposed:

  • The success of the IT Minor depends upon the contributions of many departments. The general expectation is that a department whose majors participate in the minor will provide access to relevant courses for IT Minors who are non-majors. In fact, the access of non-major minors to courses varies widely along a continuum from very open access (may register on SPIRE) to very limited, or no, access. Instructors should be encouraged to make every effort to admit IT Minors
  • from other departments. At the same time, there are small, upper level courses which are highly relevant to IT Minors, but have very limited seats and high demand from majors.  It clearly benefits IT Minors who are majors in the department to include these courses in the minor, and it encourages majors and departments to participate in the IT Minor.
  • Therefore, as long as a good faith effort is made to admit qualified non-majors, and the host department  as a whole provides appropriate IT learning experiences for non-major minors, courses that are generally restricted to majors may be accepted toward the IT Minor and included in the list of approved courses. (Note:  Such restrictions should be indicated on the list of courses on the IT Minor web site.)

Vote: Unanimous Approval - as amended

D. Review of Current Courses available to IT Minors

This will be undertaken during the Spring 2013 semester. Assistance was requested from Steering Committee to each participate by assisting in review of courses within their related disciplines.

RE: Scheduling of meeting (item 4 on agenda)

Question was asked as to best method to poll for possible meeting dates/times.
It is preferred by Steering Committee meeting that just two or three dates/times be given as option for following meetings when using electronic polls.

RE ICT Summit (item 5 on agenda)

- Discussion was undertaken regarding TedX &/or Summit; Keynote, participants, etc.

The following was agreed to:

  •             Summit scheduled for 28 March, 2013
  •             Theme to use will remain similar to that submitted to Sesquicentennial Committee in August. It is  - Innovation: Role of Higher Education - Celebrating 150 Years
  •             TedX conference is of interest but will be held off for the future due to funding issues and organizational needs.
  •             ICT Summit to be based on Panel presentations and include the exposition tables/booths on Campus Center main concourse. Poster/demonstrations of current innovative and experimental work to be set up within Campus Center Auditorium for all to view during breaks and mid-day viewing period. 

- Follow up to be done with Steering Committee and extended faculty for participation and to get panel topics and participating panelist proposals.