Post ICT Summit 2013


Steve Brewer, Traci Hess, Jeane Antill, Jerry Schoen


Friday, April 26, 2013

Feedback Overview

  • Promotional strategies should be reevaluated to more effectively promote the ICT Summit to increase attendance.
    • Timing of Promotions
    • Content Promoted
  • Recruitment should start earlier in order to assist in the promotion of the ICT summit.  If the public has a better understanding of our event, then more persons will attend.
  • Overselling the term "IT' -Focus on subject matter


  • Instead of a one day event, stagger of a longer duration of time (over a year?)
  • Increase student participation by building a community for IT Minors
    • Get students to know one another
    • Have a guest speaker every week in both semesters and then have a ‘big’ speaker for the summit.
    • Weekly brown bags
    • Offer as a course for IT Minors
    • One credit course
    • IT Minors:  Attend ICT, meet later as groups, and then present there paper in course
    • Bring in companies students can network with
      • SIM or Society of Information Management - wanted to increase number of persons in IT fields will come to campus to talk about tech jobs
  • Improve Networking with Admin/Departments/ Colleges at UMass and 5 College area
    • Tie-in participation from admin, then people around them will come
    • Ex. Invite CIO, then people around will attend.
    • Also, ex. Invite CIO talk about MOOCs, then have faculty talk about it, and then have students talk as well