IT Steering Committee 4-26-2013


Steve Brewer, Traci Hess, Jeane Antill, Jerry Schoen


Friday, April 26, 2013

Restricted Courses

  • If class is 'majors only', keep on catalog
  • If restricted, minors may possibly attend the first day and if room is available, they might enroll
  • Recommend Wait Lists 
  • Get more faculty to buy into IT Minor

New courses

  • 14 courses - initial scan of deparments A-C
  • IT Comm. members can assist in identifying and getting faculty buy in to allow IT Minors to enroll in their courses
  • Parce up alphebet and assign to people in those areas
  • Write a pitch of IT Program and needs for course (boiler plate) to help faculty reaching out

COMPLIT 236 - Change IT Minor Requirement Type from Elective to Broadened Inquiry.

Broadened Inquiry - Approved (4 yes)