IT Program Steering Committee 10-25-2013


Patricia Galvis-Assmus, Jon Olsen, Maria Toyofuku, Rick Adrion,  Jerry Schoen, and Dennis Spencer


Friday, October 25, 2013


  1. Should we revisit IT Task force meeting that occurred in 1999 to reevaluate IT Program and UMass Amherst?
  2. Should we combine ICT Summit with N.E.R.D., New England Regional Developers, Camp?
  1. Yes:  A discussion about what the IT landscape at UMass Amherst and the Five Colleges is needed in order to develop a dialog that will better inform faculty and students.
  2. No:  Committee was unsure as to how to make both events gel together.  Group was in agreement that we should support in promotion of event. 

How to Revisit IT Task Force Meeting 

  • Bring deans, chairs, administrators, faculty, and alumni together to examine ‘How we deal with IT Across Disciplines?’
  • Address lack of information dissemination and collaboration across campus
    • Issue that programs didn't intersect, but now they're closing together.
    • Issue of people who don't know about the IT Minor or where it sits.
    • Students don't know which courses they can take to fulfill minor.
  • Establish point of contact for campus for IT Program, IT Minor, and Informatics
    • Benefits:
      • Reduce redundancy in faculty initiatives
      • Cultivate collaboration
      • Cross promotion
  • Establish road maps for students/ advisors
    • Roadmaps-show students options
    • Create profiles for different technology paths
    • Determine Colleges needs and resources, then see how to link them
  • Examine if and how well we support faculty and students
    • Get alumni feedback using survey
    •  Invite local employers to ICT Summit-determine if there is a divide in the education provided to students and how businesses’ needs are, or are not, being met by students
  • How do we affect change across the disciplines?
    • Get Deans and Chairs involved
    • Recruit new faculty and identify their new courses

IT Program Evaluation

  • IT Faculty attendance has lessened over years
  • Hinders communication across campus
  • Recruit new faculty and identify their new courses

Out Reach

Patricia has been discussing the IT Program and its initiatives at Deans and Dept. Heads meetings with several colleges/schools so far and promoting our interest in starting a dialogue about ‘IT Across Disciplines’.

CCC as a 5 College Certificate

  • Initiative well received from heads and chairs
  • Proposal for CCC as a 5 College certificate discussed
  • For undergraduates and graduates

ICT Summit Date

ICT Summit 2014 date set, March 27th


  •  Advocate cluster hire in order to embed technologists in non-technical fields.  Cornell and Michigan have similar initiatives
  • Team up with Informatics Degree- need assistance with logistics, may have 700 students