IT Program Retreat Action Plan 2013


Patricia Galvis-Assmus, David Todd, Jerry Schoen, Maria Toyofuku, Rick Adrion, Marilyn Billings, Jeanne Antill, Sarah Hutton, Steve Brewer, Janine Solberg, and Jon Olsen.


Thursday, August 29, 2013
  1. Explore Certificate possibilities
  2. Marilyn Billings will look into badges
  3. Patricia attend Department Heads and Chairs meeting
    1. Dennis will find out Heads and Chairs Meeting Schedule
  4. Create a list of resources for IT Program
  5. Marilyn Billings will send notes about Ed. Meeting
  6. Maria Toyofuku will contact Economic Dev. (Anne Burke EDC?)
  7. Show Dept. Heads and Chairs courses that have not been taught within last 4yrs, but are on IT Course Catalog
  8. Publicize that course/ speaker series is co-sponsored by IT
  9. Redefine phrasing for IT Mission Statement and Goals
  10. Done-Create Google doc and share with retreat faculty
  11. Evaluate where curriculum stands by determining which courses are active or not