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The ICT summit was well attended and enjoyed! This page has information on the details.
We hope to see you next time.


Information & Communication Technology Summit 2017

The Information Technology Program, at UMass Amherst, is holding its annual ICT Summit on March 23 & 24, 2017. This year’s theme is ‘Technology for All’. We will explore how IT is being used in the arts, humanities, social and physical sciences.

On the 24th, the Summit will include a tech fair that showcases a wide variety of technologies, from 3D printing to mobile apps, developed by members of the Five College Community as well as innovations from the corporate world. The Summit will also include presentations and panel discussions on information technology across the disciplines. This event of for all members of the 5 College community - students, faculty, researchers, and others.

On the evening of the 23rd, there will be a Professional/Career Networking session with representatives and alumni present to meet with and provide information to students and interested faculty and advisors.


Career/Professional Networking Event

How they got where they are and what they actually do

Primarily for students and interested Faculty/Advisors

  • Date: Thursday, March 23rd
  • Time: 6-8pm
  • Location: Cape Cod Lounge, Student Union
  • Moderator: Traci Hess, Professor, Isenberg School of Management


Eric Campanella Outact Inc., Art Director
Jamal Coleman Outact Inc., FX artist (UM ’10 –Art-Animation)
Ria Bailey Galvis Google-Public Policy & Government Relations, International Relations Analyst (UM/Georgetown ’13)
Franz Strasser BBC News - Reporter & Video Journalist (Columbia '09)
Eli Schiff IBM/elischiff.com, UX/UI Designer, Design Consultant and Author (UM ‘14)
Ryan Sandvik Skydance Interactive, VR Designer (UM '14)
Michael Reed Two Bit Circus VR, 3D Generalist (UM '14)
Mike Salyh Age of Learning, Game Designer (UM '14)
Aneesh Jain Dell IT Business partner. ADJ Productionz (UM '11 -ISOM Op-Info Mgt)
Tim Callahan The Hartford Financial Services Group
Chris Gaturu Dell EMC
Kamal Hatami Standing Stone Games
  • Date: Friday, March 24th
  • Location: UMass Campus Center Auditorium
  • Exhibition: 9am-2pm
  • Panels & Talks: 10am-4:30pm 
Campus Center Auditorium

ICT Summit  Schedule  

Panels & Presenters - Abstracts and Bios (view/download) 



Campus Center Room 162

8:45 am

 Registration & Sign-in


Doors Open

Exhibition by Technology Education Concepts   9am-2pm

Tech Fair & Demonstrations  9am – 3pm

Panels, Workshops, Talks – as scheduled 


Technology For All - David McLaughlin

 Welcome and Overview Introduction


Web Accessibility  - Workshop - Kelsey Hall


Digital Policy and Law – Panel








Exhibition/Tech Fair - Auditorium Floor

Tech Talks - Area A

- Usability and Training Strategies

- Energizing Student Assessments

Tech Talks - Area B

- Telehealth



 IOS Accessibility - Workshop -  Kelsey Hall


 News Noise, Misinformation – Panel



12:15 - 1:15

 Tech Fair with lunch for registrants



1:15 –2:00

 Visualization and Communication - Panel

1:15 –2:00

Virtual Reality for Design - Workshop Chantale Pitts




Exhibition/Tech Fair - Auditorium Floor

Tech Talks - Area A/B

Journalism in the Digital Age:

    Technology in Mobile Journalism

Designing with Intent


Maker Movement / Maker Culture Panel




The Last Think (of the day) – An open to all discussion on future of Maker/Creation Space  possibilities at UMass and 5 Colleges and continuation of discussions begun  in December of 2016.

Open to all - Please register to help us in planning


Presenter: Topic:
David McLaughlin Technology for All
Franz Strasser Journalism in the Digital Age: Technology in Mobile Journalism                                                                                     
                             Digital Policy & Law - Panel
Tracy Mitrano Academic Dean of the University of Massachusetts Cybersecurity Programs: Multi-Stakeholder Internet Governance
Ria Bailey Galvis Google - Public Policy & Government Relations, International Relations Analyst: Human Rights and Tech: Key Issues and Career Paths
                            News, Noise and Misinformation - Panel
Nabanita De FiB: Detection of Fake News from Facebook
Joshua Stearns How Newsrooms, Technologists and Communities can collaborate to Combat Misinformation
Kate Freedman Creating Digital Citizens
                            Visualization & Communication - Panel
Georges Grinstein Scientific Data Visualization: Information Visualization & Visual Analytics
Eli Schiff Criticality and Formalism for the Modern Designer
Ryan Sandvik, Mike Salyh, Michael Reed Designing With Intent
                            Maker Movement / Maker Culture - Panel
Charles Schweik UMass Dept. of Environmental Conservation & Interim Director, School of Public Policy
Kathy Aidala Mt Holyoke - Chair of Physics, Chair of Engineering
Dennis Spencer Digital Media Lab
Liz Arum

From Keychains to Multivariable Calculus: how the Ultimaker Pioneers, a group of over 100 educators, are using 3D printing to push boundaries and go beyond the key fob.

                           The Last Think (of the day)

An open discussion for all - This session will be a discussion on future of Maker/Creation Space possibilities at UMass and 5 Colleges and a continuation of discussions begun in December of 2016.                                                    Led by: Andrew Soules, UMass, Senior Facilities Planner; Patricia Galvis Assmus, IT Program Director


Open to all - Please register to help us in planning

Presenter: Workshop Information
Chantale Pitts

 Virtual Reality for Design; the pros and cons of each type of VR equipment and how they  can be used effectively.

Kelsey Hall, Samm Delorey

 Web Accessibility: Inclusive Practices to Enhance the User Experience

Kelsey Hall,             Josh Pearson

 IOS Accessibility


Open to all - Please register to help us in planning


Desktop 3D printing  

Enterprise Systems Development (formerly CESD ) - Matthew Mattingly lead presenter

CO2  Laser Engraver

- Through My Window a multimedia engineering education website - Glenn Ellis, Smith College (PI)

- 5 College blended learning projects, e.g. Music notation and OWL

- Doors to the World with Marla Solomon - Resources for educators  on how to teach with specific books.  Contains data about the books, author, illustrator, country, music/dance connections etc.

Desktop CNC Mills using Roland SRP Player Software  
Mechanical Design CAD Software  
Vinyl Cutter for Graphic Creation  

FiB - Detection of Fake news from Facebook, Nabadita De, CICS


  Digital Media Lab – Umass Amherst Libraries - Discuss  3D Printing, their 3D printing service, and applications in schools. On hand will be a showcase of printed items; examples are a 3D printed human brain, prosthetic hand, and DNA model.
Envisioneer: Architectural and Landscape Design software with Virtual Reality viewing capabilities   RACHEL PI - an open access library on a Raspberry PI being deployed in Malawi to a rural library
Edibon: Technical Teaching Equipment - STEM Classroom trainers   

Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Monitoring - River Systems Christine Hatch, Geosciences

Sense Handheld 3D Scanner   From Farm and Garden to Preschool Program, Catherine Wickham, Nancy Cohen, UM Nutrition
Information on: CNC Routers, Plasma Cutters, 3D Printed electronics, Metal Additive 3D printing, Hybrid 3D printing,   Usability and Training Strategies NSF Website in Instructional Simulations, Lynn Stephens, College of Education
    Telehealth - infusing Telehealth Technology into Academic Healthcare Curricula, J.DeMartinis, p. Aselton, M. Howett, in collaboration with C. Dukes, College of Nursing. 
    Open Source Tethered Submarine & Unmanned Aerial Systems, Charlie Schweik
  EYE TRACKING Interdisciplinary research between Nursing and Engineering, Beth Henneman
  ExamSoft Energizing Student Assessments, Introducing advanced computer based technology, David Sullivan, IT Lead, Cynthia Gaudet, College of Nursing



Thank you for Support & Participation:

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     The Information Technology Program is a campus wide academic program that administers the IT Minor which is available to students from any major in any college. With over 700 enrolled students, the IT Program collaborates with 32 different departments across the UMass Amherst campus. Further we provide support for the development of new courses that serve the engagement of technology within the different disciplines; as well as, collaborating with various initiatives of the campus and the 5 Colleges such as the Open Education Initiative, Blended Learning and the Computer Competency Certification project.



The Information Technology Program at UMass Amherst continues to fulfill its original goal "to combine the myriad strengths of this great university with the best technical means to extend them… to favorably affect the intellectual, social and economic base of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts".

The IT Program is aligned with the goals presented in the Joint Task Force on Strategic Oversight's status report. The program is engaged in advancing these major developmental plans from the report: Develop systematic ways to promote diversity, access and inclusion; Define the distinctive character of a UMass Amherst education; Build a campus climate that promotes curricular innovation; Develop a unified strategy for student success. The Information Technology Program is one of our important assets in making UMass Amherst a 'destination of choice'.




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