AY Summary

During the past year the IT Program has continued to support and enhance technology education throughout the UMass Amherst campus. The number of students enrolling in and completing the IT Minor has continued to grow. While there is need to review the availability of some of the older offerings within our curriculum, it is evident that newer and more applicable courses are becoming available and integrated into the existing curriculum. The IT Program is currently part of collaborations that have the potential to become integrated into the standard curriculum among educational units.

Currently, the main activities of the IT Program are focused on administration and support of the IT Minor; hosting the Information & Communication Technology Summit; developing and propagating the Computer Competency Certification initiative.

This is a program that gives testament to the original goal to "enable any interested student to confidently employ IT, and to secure an intellectual platform from which to develop the capacity to innovate, using IT in his or her field". Information Technology has become a fundamental and necessary part of education. The IT Program provides this needed element thus enhancing the education gained within all academic disciplines and at the same time strengthening the education of and professional prospects for our students.

Highlights and accomplishments:


IT Minor          332 students enrolled and active

                        12 new classes from 9 departments

                        Streamlined enrollment and student progress tracking

                        Enhanced advising availability and process


ICT Summit    5 college participation

                        Greater visibility for program

                        Professional and research connections for students

                        Academic and research connections for faculty


CCC                Pilot program (1credit seminars) for ComCol (Spring 2012 and Fall 2011)

                        Completed pilot - online version of certification for CHFA (Spring 2012)

                        Workshop presentation and planning of seminar series for CMASS

                        Aligning of CCC to ISTE (International Standards for Technology Education) and NETS (National Education Technology Standards)

Sample IT Program participation on campus

Research and collaboration workshop hosted by The Office of Research                                        

Development and CNS Broader Impacts Committee

  • Open Education Initiative
  • Computer Science Department's planning for Informatics major
  • Multi Media Commons Planning
  • Sesquicentennial Academic planning
  • New Student Orientation Programs

Topics to be addressed:

  • Imbalance of gender and minority participation
  • Expansion and adoption of Computer Competency Certification
  • IT rubric for registration simplification
  • Review and updating of course offerings

At this time, the IT Program is staffed by the Director (Associate Professor Patricia Galvis Assmus), Academic Advisor (Professor David Todd) and our Administrative Assistant (Dennis Spencer). 

IT Program Steering Committee:

  • Rick Adrion - Computer Science
  • David Toomey - English
  • Elizabeth Henneman - Nursing
  • Janine Solberg - English
  • Jon Olsen - History
  • Jerome Schoen - CNS
  • Michael Ash - Economics
  • Robbie Moll - Computer Science
  • Nikki Stoia - Music
  • Steve Brewer - Biology
  • Baird Soules - Engineering
  • David Todd - Psychology
  • Marilyn Billings - Library
  • Graham Gal -Management
  • Neal Abraham - 5 Colleges
  • Maria Toyofuku - 5 Colleges