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Thatcher Language and Culture House

Thatcher Italian Program Description

The goal of Thatcher Italian (Italian 280) is to practice oral communication in Italian at the intermediate and advanced levels of language proficiency.

Italian 280 meets once a week for two hours. In addition, our community comes together to speak Italian and take part in social and cultural activities in many settings, both in and outside of Thatcher House, ranging from the frivolous to the serious. Activities include: culinary classes, movie viewings, hikes, concerts, and Italian conferences in the Five colleges. There are no exams in this course, but you will be required to attend all events and actively participate in our classroom meetings.

Both Italian majors and non-majors from a variety of disciplines can enroll in the Thatcher Italian Program. Often members become double majors, adding Italian fluency to their professional training. There are a variety of opportunities to prepare for study abroad, as well as a supportive community to return to after studying in Italy.

If you are interested in being part of this lively program, please make sure you have read the Thatcher Language and Culture House Program Explanation and then click here for the Application.