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Study at the University of Bologna – Forlì

Through the UMass Amherst Bologna – Forlì Exchange Program our students have direct access to the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. The program is hosted by the School of Languages and Literatures, Translation and Interpretation of the University of Bologna – Forlì campus, located 37 miles east of Bologna. All UMass students are eligible to participate in the exchange program, which also includes the Bologna/Forlì School of Economics and the School of Political Science. Both of these schools offer a large portion of their courses in English, thus making the program accessible to non-advanced speakers of Italian. This is a perfect combination for students who intend to double-major in Italian and a wide range of other disciplines on campus. Students who enroll in the program can also take courses at the Bologna main campus, as well as at any of the other campuses of the University of Bologna system.

The Program: Students participating in the program register at UMass and take one or two semesters of courses at Bologna/Forlì. Exchange students have access to all services available to local students at the host University and are considered students of the host institution in every respect for the duration of the exchange. This very convenient arrangement allows our students to study at one of the most prestigious schools in Europe at a very affordable cost.

The City: Forlì is the most important city of the region called Romagna (part of Emilia-Romagna) in Central Italy, and is strategically located between Bologna and Italy's Adriatic coast. Only a 35-minute fast train ride separates Forlì from Florence; Milan is one hour away; Venice is less than 1 hour and 25 minutes away; Rome 2 hours and 15 minutes. The L. Ridolfi airport offers easy and affordable connections to most European destinations. With a population of roughly 115,000, Forlì provides the ideal full immersion Italian cultural experience in a cozy and elegant urban environment, rich in history that dates back to Roman times. Libraries, museums and elegant architecture make Forlì an ideal university town and an inexhaustible source of cultural and leisure activities for foreign students.

Application: Students interested in participating in the exchange should e-mail Dr. Roberto Ludovico, indicating the semester(s) they would like to spend abroad. Candidates will meet with Prof. Ludovico and will be asked to provide two letters of recommendation. Students from departments other than LLC should also consult with their advisors for course pre-approval and authorization to study abroad. Students may not participate in the program during their last semester before graduation.

Costs: Housing and food expenses in Forlì are comparable to UMass Amherst, when taking into account the monetary exchange fluctuation. Additional costs for students participating in the exchange are: flight to Italy, Education Abroad Fee ($750), health insurance ($72) and residency permit ($120). Students on financial aid can apply for a student loan adjusted to the additional costs of the program abroad.