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Information Technology

Web Hosting: Drupal Sites

UMass Amherst IT, in cooperation with University Relations, provides a Drupal-based Web content management service to groups hosting their Web sites on Drupal is a powerful and flexible open-source content management system that lets users more easily manage the content on their Web sites. This hosting service is available at no cost to campus schools and colleges, departments, institutes, groups, and projects.

IT provides a central UMass customized Drupal installation hosted on the enterprise-class infrastructure supporting the campus Web site. Drupal core software is augmented by a set of modules vetted and approved by IT.

UMass Amherst IT offers websites for departments, research centers, and external organizations affiliated with UMass. Applications include education, administration, community outreach, and eCommerce. UMass sites are built in accordance with the Campus Web Server Site Agreement and the University Relations Brand Guide. Sites are responsive for desktop computers and mobile devices. Learn more about web development services at UMass Amherst IT. 

The Online Communications team at University Relations also builds websites for schools and colleges. academic departments. administrative units. and centers and institutes.

IT does not provide Drupal development training or support. This service is only available to campus organizations that have the resources to provide, or acquire, their own long-term support for Drupal sites. Site design, development, content creation and ongoing support are the responsibility of campus organizations that have the resources to create and maintain their own sites.

IT provides development, test, and production Drupal environments, allowing users to create sites before they are live to the public. Users of the Drupal service are also granted access to the IT’s Collaborative Wiki’s Drupal space where policies, procedures, and other support information is maintained and published.

Campus Web Server Site Agreement (Drupal Version)