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Information Technology

Web Hosting: Designated Sites

Public facing, informational Web sites for departments, administrative offices, and other official campus organizations can be hosted on the server.

University Web sites are stored on University Web servers and are created by colleges, schools, departments, or other administrative offices for University business. Sites hosted on are intended for general public informational use, and conform to the University’s Web identity guidelines.

What types of sites are not appropriate for

  • Sites created by individual faculty, staff, or students: IT provides various other Web hosting options appropriate for personal and course Web sites and for blogs.
  • Sites for internal departmental use, Web-based applications for research or information management, or other non-promotional pages: These sites should be hosted on either the IT Web Application hosting service, or on dedicated servers. Typically these applications have specific Web server software requirements and/or storage needs, and should be hosted separately from

Site Options

Classic HTML-based Sites

IT provides hosting for traditional HTML-based sites for Web pages that do not require the advanced features provided by a Web content management system, like Drupal. This service is also recommended for groups on campus who do not have dedicated resources available to support their Web site.

Drupal Web Content Management Sites

IT, in collaboration with University Relations, provides a Drupal-based Web content management service to groups hosting their Web sites on