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Information Technology

Web Hosting: Campus Web Server Site Agreement (HTML Version)

The campus Web site is UMass’s public facing presence and identity to the online world. Designated individuals from legitimate campus organizations within the University community manage the information and Web pages hosted on this server. IT administers the infrastructure supporting the site and acts only as the publisher of this information.

Any legitimate campus organization may make information available via the campus Web server. A legitimate campus organization can be a school, an administrative office, an academic department, or other officially recognized campus entity.

Sites will be created under the URL in accordance with the policies and procedures of the University.

Site Administrator Contract

Each organization requesting a website must designate a “Site Administrator” and have a signed Information Provider Contract (pdf, 81k) on file with IT.

Responsibilities of the Department Head

By signing this contract, the Dean/Department Head/Director of the campus organization agrees to:

  1. Designate a Site Administrator.
  2. Notify IT if the Site Administrator designee for their web site changes.
  3. Abide by this agreement and any other applicable campus policies, paying particular attention to IT’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  4. Stress the importance of providing accurate and up-to-date information to a world-wide community.

Responsibilities of the Site Administrator        

By signing the contract, the Site Administrator agrees to:

  1. Be the primary contact for their web site.
  2. Provide IT with up to date contact information.
  3. Keep a valid UMass Amherst email account.
  4. Ensure that in the subsidiary NetID account housing the site is kept active.
  5. Be responsible for the accuracy and currency of the information his/ her organization provide.
  6. Keep only documents pertaining to the organizational web page on the WWW server ( and abide by any limits of the storage space allocation provided.
  7. Design must adhere to the UMass Amherst Web Identity Guidelines.

Need Help?

If you encounter problems, submit an online Help Request or contact the IT Help Center at 545-9400.