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Information Technology

Web Hosting: File Backups

Webmasters maintaining official UMass Web sites are responsible for backing up their Web files to prevent inadvertent damage or loss.

Back up your Web files on floppy disks, zip disks or CDs. Use SFTP (Secure File Transfer) to download files to your local computer, then copy them to the storing device of your choice.

System Backups

IT runs backup procedures on its computers every evening. In the event of a computer failure, it is possible to recover information stored on the campus Web servers at the time of the last backup. But IT cannot guarantee that all information will be recovered. Occasional problems in the backup process may result in lost information.

Some backups are "full" backups (they copy every file currently on the server). Others are "incremental" (they copy only those files which have been modified since the last backup).

Please remember:

  • Files stored during a system backup are retained for the next 7 days only.
  • Do not rely on system backups for valuable information. Always back up your Web files on a local computer.
  • Backup tapes do not capture all files. For example, if you created or modified a file after Monday's backup, and you delete the file before Tuesday's backup, your file will be lost.
  • Files you rarely modify are only captured during full backups.