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Echo360 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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Echo360 General Questions


What is Echo360 Classroom Capture?

Echo360 is a lecture capture system, which allows the recording of classroom lectures, meetings, speeches, and other events. The recordings can be made available for students to review on their own or shared with others. You can record any combination of audio, video, and information on your computer screen and easily publish your recordings to Moodle or Blackboard for review.  

What is Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal?

Universal Capture: Personal is a stand-alone application that can be downloaded and installed on your personal computer and is intended to be used outside of the lecture hall. Universal Capture allows you to create a recording by capturing the audio and screen display (including webcams) on your personal computer in your own office or home. For instructions on downloading Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal, see Download & Use Echo360 Universal Capture.


Echo360 Course Requests


How do I to request Lecture Capture/Universal Capture: Personal?

Instructors interested in recording lectures, meetings, speeches or other events can Request Lecture Capture to schedule a recording in a UMass Amherst Classrooms Equipped With Lecture Capture.

How do I request Echo360 for my course?

To request lecture capture for a course, you’ll need to be logged in to SPIRE and access the request form via the Faculty Home menu. Only the primary instructor listed in SPIRE for a course can request Echo360, see Request Lecture Capture

If you do not see your course listed in SPIRE, contact your department's academic scheduling representative. They will be able to make the necessary corrections to the listing.  

How long will it take to process the Echo360 course request?

The turnaround time for new Echo360 course requests is typically 1-2 business days. 

What do I do if my class is moved to a new room?

If you have requested an Echo360 Automated Classroom Capture and your classroom has been changed, please inform the Instrcutional Media Lab ( so that they can make the necessary changes to your Echo360 recording schedule.


Access to the Echo360 Recordings


How can students access recordings?

Through the Echo360 External tool activity, you can provide students with easy access to all of your recordings through a single link and/or through individual recording links. When a student clicks on an Echo360 integration link on your Moodle course page, Echo360 will automatically create an account for them and add the student to your Echo360 course section. To create a link between your Moodle course and Echo360 recordings, please see, Give Students Access to Echo360 Recordings through Moodle.

Why is my TA unable to access Echo360 recordings?

A TA has to be added to Echo360 separately for them to access the recordings. You can also request elevated access (i.e. the ability to upload new recordings or edit existing recordings) for your TA for your Echo360 section. Please contact the Instructional Media Lab (, include TA's name(s) and NetID(s), your course name and course section.

How long are my recordings kept on the Echo360 server?

You will have access to content added to Echo360 as long as you have an active UMass NetID and password.


Sharing and Downloading Echo360 Recordings


Can I share content with other Echo360 users?

Yes, you can share the content with other Echo360 users. The shared media content will appear in Echo360 Library of the other user's Echo360 Home page. 

For instructions on how to share content with other users, see Sharing and Unsharing Media with Other Echo360 Users.

Can I download my Echo360 recordings?

You can download content from your Echo360 Library if you need or want a local copy of the media, or want to use an advanced editing program (e.g. Camtasia) to edit your media before making it available to students. 

To download a recording from Echo360, see the Echo360 article, Downloading Content to Your Computer.

How can I allow/stop students from downloading my recordings?

You can enable/disable student downloads of your content at any time in the Settings tab of your Echo360 course section. Content owners can always download content they own.

For instructions, please see: Turning Section Features On and Off.


Editing and Publishing Echo360 Recordings


Can I edit a video after it has been captured?

Yes, you can. Please be aware that the online Echo360 video editor provides basic video editing functions, allowing you to make cuts and trims to video content. For details, see Using the Echo360 Video Media Editor.

How do I publish my Echo360 recordings?

You can choose to keep recordings "unavailable" until you are ready to share them with your class, or the recordings can be set to automatically be available. For details, see Share (Publish) and Unshare Media to a Course.

Can I tell if my students have watched the Echo360 video?

Course statistics and viewing analytics are provided by Echo360. For details, see Course Analytics - Student Data.

Can I reuse my recordings from previous years to this year?

To reuse your recordings from previous sections, you will still need to request a new Echo360 section in SPIRE. We can copy a section from one course into another course, if you request that in your Echo360 SPIRE course request. To reuse one or more recordings from a previous semesters, you can copy each recording from your library into the new Echo360 course section. Please be aware that if the recording includes students and it is possible to identify the student, then the portions containing recordings of the student do constitute protected educational records. Educational records can only be used as permitted by FERPA or in a manner allowed by a written consent from the student.



Where can I go for more information or support?

For questions or help with Echo360 lecture capture, please contact the Instructional Media Lab ( | 413-545-2823).