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Information Technology

About Go.UMass Student Portal

Starting in Spring 2013, current students have a new way of accessing campus resources on the go. Go.UMass is a device-responsive Web site that brings together students’ personalized academic information and other useful campus information, such as news, events, maps, and athletics scores on mobile and desktop devices.

“Given the prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices among students and our desire to streamline the delivery of campus information, we opted for a ‘one-­stop virtual shop’ – a centralized, mobile-­friendly portal that meets students’ information needs,” says Heidi Dollard, Associate Chief Information Officer. “The portal will most certainly expand in the future with additional features and options,” adds Dollard.

The portal features students’ current class schedule and Moodle course components (if part of a course is delivered online using Moodle, UMass Amherst’s learning management system). Other UMass resources include news and events, campus maps, and athletics schedules and results. Users also have the ability to connect to the UMass Amherst Libraries WorldCat Catalog and search the University directory within the portal.

Go.UMass is available any time, anywhere on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. An IT Account NetID and password are required to view courses. While the portal is primarily geared towards students, all members of the University community and public can use Go.UMass. Personalized academic information is only available to actively enrolled students.

For SPIRE, Moodle, and other technical questions, students are encouraged to contact the IT Help Center. Questions related to specific areas (for example, athletics), should be directed to the participating department. This project has been a joint partnership between the UMass Amherst Information Technology, Student Affairs, Residential Life, University Relations, and Administration and Finance/GIS.