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User Preferences

User Preferences is a generic feature embedded in all SPIRE profiles. It allows students, instructors, and staff to select a default Institution, Academic Career, Term, and Aid Year. On most pages including these search fields, SPIRE will automatically fill in these default values.

Note: Because the student profile does not entail extensive searching, we recommend that you use User Preferences with caution. Here’s why:

  • Selecting a default term will affect your Student Center. The Student Center page defaults to the most recent term, unless you select a term under User Preferences. If you have a saved User Preference term, your Student Center will default to that term.

If you do choose to use User Preference, see below for the instructions.

  • We know it’s easy to forget, but please remember to change the Term default when a new semester starts!
  • To avoid an error, you must select an Academic Career before looking up the Term.

Note: If you did not first select an Academic Career, you will get an error message on this page.

  1. In the SPIRE Menu, go to My SPIRE > User Preferences. The User Preferences page will open.
  2. On the User Preferences page, from the Academic Career drop-down list, select your current academic career (e.g., Undergraduate).
  3. Next for the Term field, click the magnifying glass icon look up icon to retrieve the 4-digit code for the term you want to set as your default. The Look Up Term page will open.
  4. On the Look Up Term page, leave all the search fields blank, and click Look Up. All the available terms will open under Search Results on the same page.
  5. Click the term of your choice. You will return to the User Preferences page with the 4-digit code already filled in the Term field (e.g., 1097).
  6. On the User Preferences page:
    • In the Aid Year field, enter a default year. The page will refresh listing the Financial Aid Year of your choice.
    • Click Save, then OK to confirm the save. Your User Preferences will now appear in most fields prompting you for this information.