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You want to drop a class from your schedule, and add a different class. Here's why you should swap classes (i.e., replace classes by simultaneously dropping one class and adding another):

  • Swapping helps you stay within your credit limit.
  • If the class you wish to add is full, you don't lose the original class.
  1. In the SPIRE Menu, go to Enrollment > Swap Classes. The Select classes to add page will open. Alternately, on your Student Center SPIRE Home page, select Enrollment: Swap Classes from the other academic... drop-down list.
  2. On the Select a class to swap page:
    • Under Swap This Class, select the class you wish to drop from the Select from your schedule drop-down list. Note: Waitlisted classes or related components do not appear in this drop-down list.
    • Under With this Class, in the Enter Class Nbr field, enter the 5-digit Class Number of the class you wish to add, then click enter. The Enrollment Preferences page will open.

    - or -

    • Under the Find Classes heading, click search. See our guides on searching for classes. When you find a class you want, click select. The Enrollment Preferences page will open. Note: If the class you wish to add has multiple components, the Select a class to swap - Related Class Sections page will open before the Enrollment Preferences page.
  3. (Multiple-component classes only) On the Select a class to swap - Related Class Sections:
    • In the lower right corner of the class section table, click View All Sections to see all the available discussions/labs for this class. By default, SPIRE only displays the first five.
    • Select the radio button next to the discussion/lab you wish to add (make sure this section is open and fits into your schedule).
    • Click Next. The Enrollment Preferences page will open.
  4. On the Enrollment Preferences page:
    • If one of the classes is closed, a SPIRE waitlist is available, and you wish to add yourself to this waitlist, click the Wait List check box.
    • Leave the Permission Nbr field blank unless you were given a permission number to use for the specific class. Most classes do not require a permission number.
    • If you wish to be graded differently for this class, from the Grading drop-down list, select a different grading basis (e.g., Elective Pass/Fail Grading).
    • (Variable-credit classes only) From the Units drop-down list, select the number of credits you wish to take for this class (up to 6).
    • (some Independent study classes only) If available, from the Instructor drop-down list, select a different instructor. Instructors' names are listed alphabetically.
    • Click Next. The Confirm your selection page opens.
  5. On the Confirm your selection page, double-check your swap request, then click Finish Swapping. The View Results page will open.
  6. On the View results page, review the status of your swap request:
    • A green check mark (Success) indicates that you successfully swapped one class for another and added the new class to your schedule.
    • A red x (Error) indicates an error. Carefully read the message associated with this error, and click Fix Errors if this is an error that you can fix yourself (e.g., a time conflict that you could resolve by dropping another class, etc.). You will return to the Select classes to add page. If this is an error that you cannot fix, contact the academic department that offers this class or the Registrar's Office (209 Whitmore, 413.545.0555) for more information.
      Note: You must delete any 'unfixable' classes from your Shopping Cart. Otherwise, SPIRE will try to re-add them when you click Proceed to Step 2 of 3 next, and you will get an error every time.
    Click My Class Schedule to view your revised class schedule.