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Students - View Your Holds & To Dos


Holds can be placed on your record by various offices and departments on campus such as the Library or the Bursar. You can receive a hold for many reasons, like an overdue library fee or outstanding tuition.

Holds may restrict your ability to register for classes, request transcripts, or access other services such as dining or housing. Resolving these holds quickly is in your best interest.

To view any holds, in the SPIRE Menu, go to Holds & To Dos > Holds. Your holds will be listed on Your Holds page.

How do I get a Hold removed from my record?

  1. Log on to SPIRE. If you have a hold, it will be listed in the Holds area on your Student Center.
  2. In the Holds area, click the details link.
  3. On Your Holds page, find all your active holds in the Item List table. Information provided about the holds includes consequences (e.g., Prevents Enrollment in all Terms) and effective dates (e.g., Spring 2006). Select a Hold Item link to see further information about that hold.
  4. On the Hold Item page, find the rationale for the hold, contact information for the office that placed the hold on your record, and a list of steps to take to have it removed. Click Return to go back to Your Holds page.

To Dos

To Do items are tasks that you need to complete. Your To Do items, if any, will be listed in the To Do List area on your Student Center. Select an item from the list to view more information about it.

The To Do item page provides a description of the task, a due date and an appropriate person's contact information.

To Do items do not have associated restrictions, although if you do not accomplish an open To Do item by the due date, it can become a Hold on your record. Follow the instructions or contact the appropriate person to make arrangements to complete each pending task as soon as possible.