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Students - Update Your UMass Amherst Meal Plan

Use SPIRE to update your UMass Amherst meal plan. The options in SPIRE vary to match your situation.

Note: Some meal plan options are available each term for a limited time only.  For more information about UMass Amherst meal plans, see UMass Dining.

  1. On your Student Center SPIRE Home page, go to the Finances section and select Meal Plan. Or, from the Main Menu, go to Finances > Meal Plan.
  2. If you see a term option, such as Fall/Spring, click to see the meal plan options for the term(s) indicated. 

    Graduate students: You also have the option of choosing YCMP2.  If you have purchased meals through YCMP2, you will go directly to your YCMP2 page in SPIRE where you can add more meals.
  3. If you already chose a term-based plan, you will see your current meal plan selection, if any.  To change your plan, select the option that you want from the drop-down list, then click ACCEPT MEAL PLAN CHANGES.

    If you are a graduate student and you chose YCMP2: Select the number of meals to add to your plan, then click SUBMIT TO ACCEPT MEAL PLAN CHANGES.  Be careful not to click the submit button more than once - unless you want to purchase more meals.  To review your YCMP2 meal plan balance, click Check your Meal Plan balance on the YCMP2 page in SPIRE.  Or go to the UMass Dining YCMP2 page and click Check your meal plan balance and usage.