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Run Unofficial Transcripts - for Staff

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The kinds of transcript reports you can run are controlled by your individualized security settings in SPIRE. Email if you have questions about your access.

Note: The transcript reports open in a new tab or window in your browser. Make sure to allow pop-ups from SPIRE.

Run a Single Transcript Report

You have two options to run a single transcript report: You can follow the directions to Run Multiple Transcript Reports (below) using only one student's SPIRE ID, or you can:

  • Look up the student using Main Menu > Campus Profiles > Student Services Center
  • Click Test/xfer/trscpt (tab)
  • Click View Unofficial Transcript

Tip: Check your pop-up blockers if nothing happens within a few seconds.

Run Multiple Transcript Reports

Main Menu > Transcripts & Other Reports > XML Transcripts > Request Transcript Report

  • On the Request Transcript Report search page, click the Add a New Value tab. The transcript request page opens to display the Request Header tab. 

Note: Use the Find an Existing Value tab to locate a report that you have already generated.

  • On the Request Header tab, confirm that the Transcript Type box has a value and select ATUN – Unofficial Transcript from the dropdown menu, if necessary.  
    Tip: If you Set a Default Transcript Type of Unofficial Transcripts, you will be able to skip this step.
  • Click the Request Detail tab. On this panel:
    • In the ID field, enter a student’s 8-digit SPIRE ID. If you don’t know the ID, use the magnifying glass button to look it up.
    • Click the Add a new row button, which looks like a blue plus sign. A new row appears, allowing you to enter another student’s SPIRE ID. Add additional rows as needed. 

Note: We recommend that you run no more than 25 reports in a single request.

  • To generate the transcripts, locate the Process Request button in the upper right corner of the page and click it.
  • When processing completes, a View Report link appears in each student's row.

Tip: If your request includes only one student’s ID, use this link to open/print the individual's transcript, which opens as a PDF file.

Print or Download Multiple Transcript Reports

If you have requested multiple transcripts and need to print or download them all at once:

  • Click the yellow Print button in the upper right corner of the page. A Saved message appears briefly in the upper right corner of your browser window.
  • Click the Report Manager link.
  • In the upper right corner of Report Manager, click Refresh as many times as needed to show two rows, each with a Status of "Posted" and with a Description that appears as a link.
    • Disregard the row where the Description says "Transcript Request Print"
    • Click the link that begins with "UM_SSR_UNOFF..." and ends with ".pdf" to open your report.

FERPA Reminder

When printing or downloading transcripts, be sure to secure them appropriately to avoid FERPA violations. Printed copies should be kept in locked filing cabinets. Electronic copies should be stored on a shared, secured server. Do not keep such documents any longer than necessary; remember that you can reproduce them at any time.