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Request a Moodle Course through SPIRE

Moodle is a widely-used open source learning management system (LMS) used to deliver course content and host online learning activities. It offers tools for instructors to develop, deliver, and administer course materials and activities online. 

For more information about Moodle, see our Moodle Service Overview. For help with Moodle, contact the Instructional Media Lab at or 413-545-2823 to set up an appointment.

Moodle Course Request Overview

Please review the following information before you submit a Moodle course request in SPIRE.

  • Only the primary instructor of record can request a Moodle course. Requests for courses are processed through SPIRE.
  • You must have a Moodle-eligible class or classes. Review our eligibility information for an overview of criteria.
  • You must request a Moodle course each term that you wish to use it. New course requests are necessary for each subsequent new term.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your Moodle course is ready to use. Wait to receive this email before opening your new course to set up your course tools or to add content.
  • For information on enrolling students, TAs, or co-instructors in a Moodle course, see Access to Moodle - Overview

Part 1: Choose Class Section(s) to include in a Moodle Course

  1. On the SPIRE home page, select NavBar (compass icon, on the right). The NavBar tray will open, displaying the SPIRE Menu.
  2. From the SPIRE Menu, select Navigator and locate Faculty Home. Next select Moodle Course Request. The Choose a Term page opens.
  3. On the Choose a Term page, select the academic term for which you want to request a Moodle course. The Choose Course Type page opens.
  4. On the Choose Course Type page, under Class sections currently not assigned to a Learning Management System (LMS) is a list of your Moodle-eligible class sections for the selected term. Decide if you want to request a Moodle course for a single class section or combine multiple class sections into one Moodle course.
    • You must fill out a separate request for each Moodle course you wish to request.
    • If you have no Moodle-eligible classes for your selected term, you will not see the heading Class sections currently not assigned to a Learning Management System (LMS).
    • Further down on the Choose Course Type page, under the heading Class sections already requested in Moodle this term, is a list of the classes for which you already requested Moodle courses (if any).
  5. On the Choose Course Type page, under How many class sections will this Moodle Course include?:
    • Select One class section to request a Moodle course for a single class section.
    • Select Multiple class sections (combined in one Moodle course) to combine multiple-section or cross-listed classes into a single Moodle course.
    • Click Continue. Depending on your choice the next page will be Choose a Class Section or Choose Class Sections to Combine.

  6. On the Choose a Class Section or Choose Class Sections to Combine page:
    • If you changed your mind about the number of class sections to include in your Moodle course, click Back to return to the Choose Course Type page.
    • If you are requesting a single section course, select a class section and click Request single-section Moodle course.
    • If you are requesting to combine multiple section or cross-listed classes into a single Moodle course, select the check boxes for all of the class sections that you want to include and click Request multiple-section Moodle course. A Confirm Class Sections to Combine page will open listing the class sections. Click Combine sections into one Moodle course, or, to change the sections to combine, click Back.

    The Review Course Content & Submit page opens.

Part 2: Review Course Content & Submit

  1. The top of the Review Course Content & Submit page lists the class section(s) comprising your Moodle course request, followed by your contact information. Review this information to ensure it is correct.
  2. Use the Comments box to provide any additional information you might want to communicate to the Moodle administrators.
  3. Click Submit. The Confirmation page opens.

Part 3: Confirmation Page

The message on the Confirmation page displays the email address that the Moodle administrators will use to notify you when your course is ready to use. The email message will provide links to instructions for you to set up your course, depending on whether you will reuse a previous course, build a course from scratch, have permission to copy another instructor’s course, or will move course content from Online Education (Blackboard). The email will also contain contact information for getting help with Moodle.

It will take at least one business day for the Moodle administrators to create your course and send you the email.

•  To request another course for this semester, click Request Another Course.

•  To check the status of your Moodle Course request, in the SPIRE Menu, go to Faculty Home > My Moodle Courses. (For more information see Check the Status of a Moodle Course Request.)