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Preferred & Alternate Roles

If you have two SPIRE accounts (a.k.a. roles), SPIRE will log you on as an instructor/staff member by default when you use your NetID. To change this default, update your preferences with a preferred and alternate role.

  1. Log on to SPIRE (it does not matter which role you choose).
  2. In the Main Menu, go to My SPIRE > Preferred SPIRE Role. The Select Your Preferred SPIRE Role page opens, displaying your current role (i.e., the SPIRE account to which you logged on.)
  3. On the Select Your Preferred SPIRE Role page, select Student or Instructor/Staff as your preferred role, then click Save Preference. The page will refresh displaying your updates. A message, Preference Saved, appears in blue at the bottom of the page.
    • Once you choose a preferred role, SPIRE will automatically log you on to this preferred role when you use your NetID and password.
    • To log on to your other SPIRE account, use your NetID and select the Use alternate role check box on the SPIRE Logon page.