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PERC: Post-Enrollment Requirement Checking

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About Post-Enrollment Requirement Checking (PERC)

PERC enables SPIRE B users to easily identify students who are enrolled in a class but did not satisfy prerequisites for it.

Students often enroll in classes for the next term while they are still taking prerequisite courses in the current term. They must earn minimum grades for a class to count as a prerequisite. SPIRE cannot evaluate grades that do not exist yet for prerequisite courses, so students are able to enroll in subsequent courses conditionally.

Use PERC after official grades have been posted for the most recent term to verify the requirements status for conditionally enrolled students.

About Filters for the Enrollment Requirement Roster

  • When you open the Enrollment Requirement Roster for a class, SPIRE applies Enrollment Status and Requirement Status filters automatically. You will see all students who are Enrolled or Waitlisted in the class and whose Requirement Status is either Not Satisfied or Conditionally Satisfied (enrolled while taking the prerequisite course).
  • Notice the counts of students in each status category shown in the Set Filter Options section. To see students not included in the automatic filter, select the appropriate check boxes, e.g., Overridden, Satisfied, and etc.

Run Post-Enrollment Requirement Checking

  1. Navigation: Main Menu > Curriculum Management > Enrollment Requirements > Post Enroll Req Checking > Enrollment Requirement Roster

  2. Search for a class with prerequisites. Note: Be sure to search in the upcoming academic term, not the one that has passed.

  3. Select the class to review.  The Enrollment Requirement Roster page opens. Notice that class information - including the Enrollment Requirements -  displays at the top of the page.

  4. Select the student(s) you wish to check. Tip: There is a Select All link at the bottom of the page. If you have a long list of students to check, jump to the bottom of the page using the Run Post Enrollment Requirement Checking link located below the Enrollment Requirements at the top of the page.

  5. Click the run button at the bottom of the page. Students who successfully satisfied the requirements disappear from the list. Any remaining students will have a Requirement Status in the Post Enroll Req Status column.

  6. (optional) Select students who have not satisfied requirements and use the notify selected students button at the bottom of the page to communicate their status and advise them of next steps regarding enrollment in the class.