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My UMass Directory Information

Use SPIRE to Manage Your Directory Information in SPIRE

UMass Amherst instructors and staff, use SPIRE to manage your own contact information as it appears in People Finder and the UMass Directory. Employees are responsible for keeping their own information current. In most cases, your changes will appear in People Finder within a few hours.

To view and update directory information:

In the Menu, go to UMass Directory > My Directory Info. The My Directory Info page will open, listing the directory information on file with the University (e.g., Published Name, Work Address, Email Address, Additional Department Information, etc.).

As applicable, update information on the page or click links to update information on other pages and/or see more information about making updates.

If your information does not appear in People Finder or if you have other questions regarding your Directory Information, please email: