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Information Technology

Instructor's Guide to Information Security & FERPA Certification Quiz

Use The Instructor's Guide to Information Security to learn more about FERPA (the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act) and related security issues that arise in instructional contexts. FERPA is the federal law that protects the confidentiality of student records. Our materials provide a practical guide to the FERPA requirements, the kinds of student information that qualify as "confidential",  and the steps that are necessary for maintaining a secure information environment.

Instructors, Advisors, and Teaching Assistants can complete the online FERPA quiz to gain access to Photo Rosters.

How to Earn your Security Certificate and Get Access to Photo Rosters

Step One: Read the Instructor's Guide to Information Security

The Instructor's Guide to Information Security applies FERPA principles to real-life scenarios that instructors are likely to encounter in the classroom. Read the guide to find out what constitutes a FERPA violation and what you can do to avoid breaking the law. Download the guide from the list in the right-hand column. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view PDF files. If needed, you can download it for free from the Adobe Web site.

Step Two: Take the FERPA Quiz

Class Photo Rosters feature students' UCard photos and are available to any active instructor who successfully completes the online FERPA quiz. Advisors who complete the quiz also can see photos of advisees who have been assigned specifically to them.

If you currently have instructor or advisor access, your SPIRE profile will be updated with access to Photo Rosters within three business days, but usually sooner. If you do not have Photo Roster access after that time, email to inquire about your status.