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Extra Info and Checklists in UM Tracker

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Use Extra Info columns, a Checklist or both to store information about the people in your Tracker Group using the Track People page.  Your choices about how to use these options will depend on how much and what kind of information you need to track for each person. If your needs are simple, UM Tracker’s six Extra Info columns may be more than enough.  If you need to keep track of each Group member’s progress on a list of to-do items, the Checklist may be a better choice.

Extra Info

Every Group automatically has six Extra Info columns that you can use like a spreadsheet. Dates, academic terms, and Group-specific status codes are well-suited to fill these columns, because they typically do not require a lot of space. If you are using a Checklist, consider using one of the Extra Info columns to note when the person has completed the Checklist, which is on a separate page linked to the Track People page.

The Category Owner for your Group can customize your Extra Info column headings at any time, if you choose. Custom headings appear on the Track People page only and are there for your reference when you enter or view the data. Custom Extra Info headings do not appear with your data when you run Tracker Queries, and you will see the default "Extra Info 1, Extra Info 2..." headings instead.


Navigate to the Checklist for a selected person using the checklist link at the end of the person’s row on the Track People page.

You can use an unlimited number of Checklist items for your group. Checklists are useful if you need to enter longer notes about a person’s status for each of the items, or if details from a student’s enrollment history can satisfy the items.  For example, if you are tracking students in your department’s minor program, you can set up a Checklist that lists each minor requirement as a separate item. On the Checklist page, you can use drop-down boxes that show the current student’s course history to choose the course that satisfies each requirement.

The Category Owner for your Group must set up your Checklist before you can use it. If you are not the Category Owner for your own Group, be prepared to work with that person to abbreviate your descriptions for each item, as descriptions are limited to 15 characters. Use the ”Student Checklist Items” Tracker Query to get a summary of all Group members’ Checklist entries.