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Enrollment Appointments for Students

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Enrollment Appointment Essentials

The Enrollment Appointment is the time window during which you can register for classes in SPIRE. Check your appointment to see your personalized start and end dates for registration for this term.

  • You cannot register before or after your appointment. Make sure your Enrollment Appointment has begun before trying to add a class.
  • You cannot register without an Enrollment Appointment. If an appointment for the current semester does not appear on your Enrollment Dates page, and you are an active student, contact the University Registrar's Office (209 Whitmore, 413.545.0555) or the Graduate School (532 Goodell, 413.545.0024) for assistance.

Check Your Enrollment Appointment

  1. In the SPIRE Menu, go to Enrollment > Enrollment Appointment. The Enrollment Dates page for the current term will open.
  2. From the list of terms provided, select a term for which to view your Enrollment Appointment.
  3. On the Enrollment Dates page, in the Enrollment Appointment table, review the start and end dates for your Enrollment Appointment for either the University or UWW session, as appropriate. Note: If you are within your Enrollment Appointment time period, you can click the Add Classes button to select classes for enrollment.

How Are Enrollment Appointments Assigned?

Undergraduate Students

For degree-seeking undergraduate students, Seniors have appointments that begin before Juniors, Juniors before Sophomores, and Sophomores before Freshmen. These academic levels are defined by the total number of credits the student has completed to date, a minimum of:

  • 87 credits for Seniors
  • 57 for Juniors
  • 27 for Sophomores

Graduate Students

All degree-seeking graduate students have the same Enrollment Appointment. Pre-register as early in the pre-registration period as possible, especially if attempting to enroll in any undergraduate or limited-access courses. Loan excess and stipend checks can be delayed if you are not registered, so it is important for you to register as soon as possible.

What Are My Unit Limits (Credit Limits)?

You are limited in how many units (credits) you may register for. There is also a similar, but separate limit for how many credits’ worth of waitlists you can be on.

Credit limits are strictly enforced and no credit overloads are approved before the start of the semester. Undergraduates seeking overloads must petition their Academic Dean. Graduate students must contact their Graduate Program Director. There will be no exceptions to waiting list maximums at any time.

The credit limit for undergraduate students who have requested part-time billing status is lower than the credit limit for full-time students. If your billing status plans have changed, notify the University Registrar's Office (209 Whitmore, 413.545.0555) or the Graduate School (532 Goodell, 413.545.0024).