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Enroll in Classes Using SPIRE

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Use SPIRE to enroll in UMass Amherst University and some University Without Walls classes. 

Your Enrollment Checklist

  • Check your Enrollment Appointment: This is the time window within which you can enroll in for classes.
  • Clear any holds. A hold on your record restricts your ability to enroll in classes. Make sure you clear any outstanding holds preventing enrollment before attempting to add classes. A RAC (Registration Approval Code) or Needs Advising hold requires you to see an advisor before registering for classes. When you meet with an advisor, he or she can remove the hold for you.

About Using SPIRE to Enroll in Classes

Discussions or Lab: Some courses may have both a lecture section and a required discussion or lab. To see if a course has a lecture and required labs or discussions, on the Class Detail page, look under the Components heading.

Time Conflicts: You cannot pre-register for classes that meet at the same time (or even overlap briefly) in SPIRE. Once the semester starts, if you have permission from both instructors, you can submit a request to the Registrar’s Office. If space is available and you meet all other requirements for the classes, you will be added into the conflicting class.

Requisites & Other Enrollment Restrictions: Some courses are restricted to majors or upper-level students. Others require instructor consent or various requisites. Any enrollment restrictions for a class appear on the Class Detail page. If you do not meet the requirements, you cannot add restricted classes in SPIRE. Contact the instructor or the academic department to find out what to do.

Class Session: The class Session distinguishes between University, University Without Walls and Five College classes. To check the class Session type, on the Class Detail page, look under the Session heading. Learn more about class Session. For Five College classes for which you cannot use SPIRE to enroll, see the Five College Course Enrollment section below.

Note:  Eligibility to self-enroll in UWW classes using SPIRE varies by term. All matriculated University students can use SPIRE to request a UWW Enrollment Appointment and then use SPIRE to enroll in Winter or Summer UWW classes. Non-degree students can use the same method to request appointments and enroll in UWW classes offered in any term. To request a UWW enrollment appointment, in the SPIRE Menu, go to Enrollment > Summer/Wtr/Non-deg Enroll Appt. Review pertinent information before pressing the “Request UWW Enrollment Appointment” button at the bottom of the page.  During Fall and Spring, students matriculated in any graduate program or undergraduate students matriculated in degree programs administered by UWW (e.g. UWW, BBA online, HTM online, 2nd bachelors in Nursing) are automatically assigned enrollment appointments by the Registrar’s Office. Undergraduate students in campus-administered degree programs cannot self-enroll in SPIRE during Fall or Spring.

Learn more about UWW self-enrollment.

Five College Course Enrollment

To enroll in Five College courses, go to Main Menu > Enrollment > Five College Enrollment.

Download and fill out the enrollment form, and then submit it to the Five College Interchange Office, 614 Goodell, (undergraduate students) or the Graduate Records Office, 534 Goodell (graduate students).

Learn more about enrolling in Five College courses...