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Information Technology

Email Addresses

Use these pages to learn how to add/update your email addresses in SPIRE.

Types of email addresses

Official IT - the official UMass email address

Your Official IT email address is the one that UMass Amherst IT assigned in association with your IT Account. You can identify it by its Email Type, Official IT.
Note: Instructors: You must have an Official IT email address in order to use Class Email Lists in SPIRE.

Please remember:

  • You receive your Official IT email address when you activate your IT Account.
  • Note to graduate students: Campus email remains your official email address, even if you also have a departmental email address.
  • For questions about or to change your Official IT email address, submit an online Help Request (see sidebar).

Departmental UMass Email Address

You may have received a departmental email address if you are affiliated with a UMass department that maintains its own email system (e.g., Computer Science), one of the Five Colleges, another UMass campus, or the President's Office. Check the list of IT-approved departmental email addresses to see whether your department offers department-managed email. If you have both an Official IT email address and a departmental email address, designate one as your preferred email address.

Non-UMass email address

These are email addresses serviced by commercial providers and are not affiliated with the University.

Add or update email addresses in SPIRE

In the SPIRE Main Menu, go to My Personal Information > Email Addresses and follow the directions on the page.