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Information Technology

Download Class Rosters as Excel Files

Download class rosters as Excel files (.csv format), then work with the information in spreadsheet format.

  1. In the SPIRE Menu, go to Faculty Home > Download Class Rosters.
  2. On the Download Class Roster page, click Select to the left of the roster you want to download.

    Note: You can download one class roster at a time. Repeat the process for each class roster you wish to download.

  3. Students' full names, preferred names, and 8-digit SPIRE IDs are part of every roster. Select additional categories of information to include by using the checkboxes.
  4. Click Generate Class Roster.
  5. A message box appears with the text "Your class roster will be ready shortly. Click Check Status until the Download File link appears." Click OK.
  6. Click Check Status.
  7. When your class roster file is ready, a Download File link appears to the right of the Check Status button. If the Download File link does not appear the first time you click Check Status, click again as many times as necessary until the link appears.
  8. Click the Download File link once it is visible.
  9. For best results, choose to Open the file first and then Save it to a secure location.

It is important to remember that class rosters contain FERPA-protected information about students. Be sure to take security precautions with class roster computer files and printouts.

  • Class rosters are saved securely in SPIRE. If you must save them outside of SPIRE, use a secure UMass department shared server and delete the rosters when they are no longer needed. Check with your department's Systems Administrator or UMass Amherst IT contact if you need more info about your department's shared servers.
  • Password protect your class rosters. See how to Create passwords to open files.
  • Printouts of class rosters are confidential material. Make sure to store them in a locked file drawer or cabinet and shred them when no longer needed.