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Information Technology

Course History for Students

View the Course History Page

  1. Under the Academics heading on your Student Center, go to the other academics... drop-down list and click the double arrow to see the list.
  2. Select Course History from the list. The My Course History page opens.

Work with Course History

The My Course History page shows courses you have taken, have in progress and are considering for enrollment, as well as any grades you have received. The My Course History page also provides information about any test, transfer and other credits you earned.

The default view for My Course History page does not show courses you have in your Shopping Cart (if any). If you want your view of your course history information to include your Shopping Cart courses, then click the Show courses from Shopping Cart radio button. Note: Your Shopping Cart courses are those you are considering for enrollment but have not yet enrolled in and added to your class schedule.

Just above the Course History table a legend explains the icons in the Status column of the table. There are Course History status icons for

  • Taken
  • Transferred
  • Test
  • Other Credit
  • In Progress
  • In Cart

By default, the list of courses in the Course History table are sorted by Course, i.e., subject and course number. You can change the sort order, and specify one or two criteria to sort by.

  1. Choose a primary sort criteria from the Sort results by drop-down menu. The sorting criteria options appear as an alphabetical listing of the column headings from the Course History table:
    • Course
    • Description
    • Grade
    • Status
    • Term
    • Units
  2. You can also choose an optional secondary sort criteria from the Then by drop-down menu, which repeats the same choices.
  3. Click the sort button to refresh the Course History table with the new sort criteria.
  4. The sorts produce the usual alphabetic and numeric ordering except:

    The Term sort lists the terms in chronological order, like a transcript.

    The Grade sort is a strictly alphabetic sort, so A comes before B, B comes before B+, and CR (for transfer credit) comes between C- and D.

Click any course title in the Description column of the Course History table to view Course Details (Career, Units, Grading Basis, and Course Components), Enrollment Information (e.g., prerequisites), and Description (including General Education designations).

Click Cancel at the bottom of the Course History page to return to your Student Center. Use your browser back button to return to a previous sort.