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Information Technology

Course History for Staff

View a student's course history with the interactive Course History page in SPIRE. Link to further information about the Academic Requirements Report and how to generate an Academic Requirements & Course History PDF.

View the Course History Page

  1. Navigate to the Student Services Center page.
  2. On the Student Center tab:
    • From the other academic... drop-down list, select Course History.
    • Click the double arrow icon (Go). The My Course History page for the selected student opens. See Work with Course History, below, for further details.

Work with Course History


Make sure your student records remain confidential at all times. This means that you:

  • Cannot share these records with a student's parents without the student's consent.
  • Cannot share these records with other UMass employees without a legitimate academic purpose.

If you choose to print Course History or an Academic Requirements & Course History PDF, make sure that you keep it in a secure location and you shred all paper copies when you no longer need them.