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Course Eligibility for Requesting a Learning Management System (LMS)

When you use SPIRE to request a Learning Management System (LMS) for your class(es), the list of eligible sections includes only current sections for which you are the Primary Instructor. The list also includes only those sections that are eligible by default to use this LMS. The list does not include non-grade-bearing class sections, past classes, or future classes for which registration has not yet begun.

To request a course:

  • For Moodle, you must be listed as a Primary Instructor for the class in SPIRE. For Blackboard Learn, you must be the Primary Instructor or Section Assistant. Contact the Scheduling Representative in your department if you need to change any of your instructor information in SPIRE.
  • You must choose the appropriate default LMS for where the section is listed.
    • Moodle is the default LMS for on-campus courses (with some exceptions).
    • Blackboard Learn is the default LMS for Online Continuing and Professional Education classes and the College of Nursing.
    • If your course requires the use of a non-default LMS: First, contact your Dean to get approval.  Once you have approval, email to request a Blackboard Learn course or email to request a Moodle course.
  • You cannot request an LMS course for a non-grade-bearing class section. For example, for a class with both a lecture and a discussion/lab, the LMS course must include the grade-bearing lecture class section.
  • You can request an LMS course only for current or future classes for which registration has begun. Close to the last day of classes, your list of LMS-eligible classes in SPIRE ceases to include that term's classes.


For assistance completing a LMS course request in SPIRE, contact the Instructional Media Lab ( or 413-545-2823).