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Class Overview/Textbooks - for Instructors & Staff

Use this page to enter your Class Overview, enter the link to your syllabus, view the synchronous status of your remote class and link to our textbook service.  Navigate to Faculty Home > Class Overview/Textbooks, and select a class.

Only primary instructors may enter information, and only for the graded section of a class. If you teach a class with both a lecture and a lab section, for example, only the lecture section is available to you in your class selection list.

Enter Class Overview

  • Use the “Class Overview” section to publish text containing a brief overview of the course.  This text will appear on the Class Detail page in the Schedule of Classes.

View Synchronous Status

  • The Synchronous Status indicates if remote classes are taught with meetings at the same time as the class times listed in SPIRE.  The status will be either Required or Optional.  Instructors cannot update the synchronous status. If you believe the synchronous status is incorrect, please contact your department’s Schedule Representative.

Link to a Syllabus in SPIRE (optional)

You are not required to publish your syllabi online. If you choose to do so, you can publish them either as outlines or as complete syllabi like those you distribute in class.

  • Use the Online Syllabus or Outline section to enter the web address (URL) for any online syllabus for the class. Enter the URL without the leading "http://" or "https://", e.g., the entry for a Physics 101 syllabus might be: 
  • You must specify what Type of syllabus students can expect to find online, if you have entered a URL. Use the drop-down list to select either Full Syllabus or Outline, as appropriate.

eCampus FAST Adoption Tool

  • You can link to the eCampus FAST Adoption Tool here, from the Class Overview page or the SPIRE logon page.   Use it to indicate books, other items, notes, or if no books are required. Please use the eCampus even if you will instruct students in your notes to purchase items elsewhere.
  • Only Primary Instructors and designated department staff can use eCampus. For classes with multiple Primary Instructors, any Primary Instructor for the class can enter information. If a class section for which you need to post course materials does not appear in your list of classes either in SPIRE or in eCampus, contact your department's Schedule Representative.
  • You must enter your book and/or class materials information for each class each term. Book and other material information does not automatically carry over from one term to another.