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Check the Status of a Moodle Course Request

Instructors, select NavBar (compass icon). The SPIRE Menu options will appear, select Navigator and locate Faculty Home. Under Faculty Home, locate My Moodle Courses to check the status of your Moodle course requests. Possible status types include:

  • Requested. A Moodle course has been requested for this class.
  • Processed. The class creation is in process, but your Moodle course is not ready to use until you receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will go to the email address displayed on the Request a Moodle Course - Describe Course Content & Submit SPIRE page. Wait for this confirmation email before opening your new Moodle course.

    Note: If your Moodle course request has a Status of Processed for more than three business days and you have not received a confirmation email, contact the Instructional Media Lab: (

  • Cancelled. The instructor has contacted the Moodle Administrators and cancelled the Moodle course request. To reinstate a cancelled Moodle course, please email: