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Changing Majors & Minors in SPIRE

(This page is for Faculty/Staff only. Students who wish to change their major should go to the department of the new major to initiate the process.)

Once you have been granted SPIRE access to change majors, minors, and subplans for students, please download the following PDF document as your guide.

UMass Plan Change

How to Request Access to Change Majors, Minors & Subplans

Log in to SPIRE and Navigate to the following page

Main Menu > My SPIRE > SPIRE Access Request

Complete the form and select "Change Majors & Minors"

Questions about changing Majors & Minors in SPIRE

If you have any questions about this changing Majors & Minors in SPIRE, please contact Thomas Fritsch at

PDF feedback

If you have any feedback about the PDF guide, please email