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Information Technology

Advisors - Navigate to Your Advisee's Student Center

  1. In SPIRE, go to the My Advisees page:
    • In the SPIRE Main Menu, click Advisee Information > View Advisees. The My Advisees page opens.
  2. From the My Advisees page:
    • If your advisee is assigned to you, navigate to your advisee in the advisee roster, then click View Student Details. The Student Center tab opens.


    • If your advisee was not assigned to you, click View Data for Other Students on the My Advisees page. The Advisee's Student Center search page opens.
    • Enter the advisee's 8-digit SPIRE ID or Last Name and First Name.
    • Click Search.
    • If more than one student matches the search criteria, click the correct student's Name in the Search Results.
    • The Student Center tab opens.

To access the Academic Requirements Report, Course History page, or unofficial transcript:

  1. Find the other academic... drop-down list to the left of the Class Schedule.
  2. Click the single down-pointing arrow (Down arrow) to see the drop-down list options. Select ARR NoShopping Cart, Course History, or Transcript: View Unofficial.  Then click the double arrow button (Go). The new page opens, either Academic Requirements, Advisee Course History, or Advisee Unofficial Transcript, whichever you selected.