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Information Technology

Advisee Enrollment Appointments

To view your advisee's enrollment appointment, if any, in SPIRE:

  1. Navigate to your advisee's Student Center.
  2. On the Student Center tab:
    • Scroll down to the Enrollment Dates section, on the right side of the Student Center, between the To Do List section and the Advisor section. Note: If the student does not have a current Enrollment Appointment, the Enrollment Dates section does not appear.
    • In the Enrollment Dates section, click details. The Enrollment Dates page opens.
  3. On the Enrollment Dates page:
    • Select a term by clicking the radio button to the left of the term you wish to see.
    • Click Continue. The Enrollment Dates page for that term opens.
  4. On the Enrollment Dates page for a specific term:
    • The Enrollment Appointments table shows the times and dates that your advisee's current enrollment appointment begins and ends.
    • Click change term to view the enrollment appointment for a different term.
    • Click Cancel to return to your advisee's Student Center.