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Information Technology

Advisee Academic Information

Advisors, find the academic information available to you in SPIRE, including Program (e.g., Undergraduate), Career (e.g., Graduate or Undergraduate), Degree (e.g., Bachelor of Science), and Major.

  1. Navigate to your advisee's Student Center.
  2. Click the academics tab at the top right. The academics tab opens.
  3. On the academics tab:
    • Institution / Career / Program information displays, including Program Status, Plan, and Sub-Plan, if any.
    • If your advisee has more than one program, e.g., UGRAD - Undergraduate (general) or NURSE - Nursing, click an underlined program to see information about that program.
    • Term Summary information for the latest term displays at the bottom of the page, including Level (e.g., Senior), Load (e.g., Full-Time), and Classes.
    • If your advisee has been a student for more than one term, click an underlined term to see information about that term.
    • Click the Student Center tab to go back to your advisee's Student Center.

    - or -

    • If you have advisees assigned to you, select another advisee from the Change Advisee drop-down list. Click change to see the newly selected advisee's academic information.