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Select classes to add

  1. In the SPIRE Menu, go to Enrollment > Add Classes. Alternately, on your Student Center SPIRE Home page, select Enrollment: Add Classes from the other academic... drop-down list or click one of the enrollment links to the left of or below your class schedule.
  2. On the Add Classes to Shopping Cart page, check that the term is the one you want. If you know the class number for the class you wish to add, enter it in the Enter Class Nbr field, then click enter. Learn more about class numbers.
  3. To search for classes, under the Find Classes heading, click search. While searching for classes, click any class number or yellow Yes box Restrictions/Notes to open the Class Detail page. The Class Detail page for each class shows any required textbooks or class materials, how many units a class is worth, any required discussion or lab sections, and restrictions or notes such as requisites, fees, required instructor consent, or reserved seats. To use the Class Detail page:
    • Look under the Components heading to see if a class has a lecture and required labs or discussions.
    • Look under the Restrictions & Notes heading heading to check for restrictions. If you cannot add a restricted course in SPIRE, contact the instructor or the academic department offering the class for assistance or further information.
    • Look under the Textbooks heading heading for any required/recommended textbooks or class materials.
  4. When you find a class you want, click the green select button.
  5. Some classes have a lecture section plus a required lab or discussion section. When you add a lecture with a required discussion or lab section, a prompt will instruct you to add the remaining required class section(s). If the class you want has a required discussion or lab, the Select classes to add - Related Class Sections page opens. SPIRE displays up to five discussion or lab options. If there are more than five options, use the navigation options to view all or navigate through them. Select the radio button next to the discussion/lab you wish to add. Make sure your choice of discussion/lab is open and also fits into your schedule.
  6. Click Next.
  7. On the Select classes to add - Enrollment Preferences page:
    • If the class is closed and a SPIRE waitlist is available, you can add yourself to this waitlist. Click the Wait List check box to add yourself to a waitlist if available.
    • Leave the Permission Nbr field blank unless you were specifically given a permission number to use for the specfic class. Most classes do not require a permission number.
    • Use the Grading drop-down list to select a different grading basis if you wish and when available (e.g., Elective Pass/Fail Grading).
    • (Variable-credit classes only) From the Units drop-down list, select the number of credits you wish to take for this class (up to 6).
    • (Some Independent Study classes only) From the Instructor drop-down list, select a different instructor. Instructors' names are listed alphabetically.
    • Click Next to return to the Add Classes to Shopping Cart page.
  8. Back on the Add Classes to Shopping Cart page, the class you just selected appears in your Shopping Cart.
  9. To enroll in the classes in your Shopping Cart, select any classes you want to enroll in and click the enroll button. The Confirm classes page opens.

Confirm your class selection

On the Confirm classes page, review your class selection(s) as displayed in your Shopping Cart. Click Finish Enrolling. The View results page will open.

You are NOT enrolled in any class(es) until you click Finish Enrolling and then the results page indicates your enrollment in a class. Having a class in your Shopping Cart does not hold a seat in the class for you. Make sure to finish enrolling as soon as possible for classes that might close quickly.

View results

  1. On the View results page, review the status of your add request.
  2. A green check mark (Success) indicates that you successfully enrolled in and added the class to your schedule.
  3. A red x (Error) indicates an error. You are not enrolled in the class. Read any messages associated with the error. If it is an error that you can fix yourself (e.g., a time conflict that you could resolve by dropping another class, etc.) click Add Another Class to return to the Shopping Cart Add Classes page. For errors that you cannot fix, contact the academic department that offers the class or the University Registrar's Office, University Without Walls or the Graduate School (as appropriate) for assistance.
  4. Delete any 'unfixable' classes from your Shopping Cart to prevent them from appearing in your Academic Requirements and causing errors when you try to add other classes.
  5. Click My Class Schedule to view your new class schedule. Your new class schedule will include the classes you successfully added.