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SPIRE Access Requests for Employees

Students and Most Instructors:

You will receive the appropriate SPIRE access automatically.

Staff, some Instructors and Advisors:

If your job requires you to work with student records in SPIRE, including advising, follow these steps for additional SPIRE access:

1. Complete FERPA Certification

FERPA (the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act) is a federal law protecting the confidentiality of student records. All applicants for SPIRE for Staff or SPIRE for Advisors access must become familiar with the FERPA law and must complete FERPA Certification. We recommend that you take the online FERPA certification quiz as soon as possible.

2. Apply for Additional SPIRE Access

Log into SPIRE and navigate to Main Menu > My SPIRE > SPIRE Access Request.  Follow the directions on the page and your request will be sent to your department head and the Registrar’s office for approval. The table below contains descriptions of the types of access available, as well as the corresponding training requirements. If you need access that does not seem to fit into any of the training type descriptions, email us at

3. Get SPIRE Training

Once approved, we will email details of required training. 

Access/Security Role in SPIRE Description                                                   Training Requirements Training Mode
For Advisors Only      
Academic Records for Advisors View all academic and contact information needed to be an advisor. This and Navigate are all the access most academic advisors need! Advising Foundations In-person (2 hours)
Navigate Navigate is an advising and retention tool utilized to support the undergraduate student population. All advisors to undergraduate students will need access to Navigate. Individuals supporting advising programs through appointment and office management will likely also need access. Note: Navigate is a unique student
success management system that has quick links to SPIRE to best support advising needs.
Advising Foundations In-person (2 hours)
Classroom Management      
View Class Information in CAPS View course & class offering and requests for changes in CAPS system. CAPS Online Training Course
Class Management using CAPS View and update course and class offerings using the CAPS system. CAPS Online Training Course
Records & Enrollment      
Academic Records & Class Rosters (SPIRE A) View class schedules, unofficial transcripts, grades, GPA, academic statistics, test results, transfer information, personal information, academic requirements report (ARR) and class rosters. SPIRE Academic Records Online Training Course
ARR Exceptions Add an exception to a student's degree requirements for the Academic Requirements report (ARR). SPIRE Academic Records

ARR Exceptions Training Guide
Online Training Course

Change Majors & Minors Update student record to change a major, minor, track or honors (plans and subplans). SPIRE Academic Records

UMass Plan Change Training Guide
Online Training Course

Assign Advisors to Students Assign specific advisors to students. SPIRE Academic Records Online Training Course
Service Indicators/Holds for Advisors or Staff Place or remove service indicators/holds for students. Service indicators can limit access to certain functions such as registration or getting transcripts. SPIRE Academic Records Online Training Course
Enrollment Requests & Overrides (SPIRE B) Enroll students in classes, drop or swap classes from a student’s schedule, add students to or change positions on class waiting lists, specify the instructor for an enrollment, change the instructor for certain types of classes, and modify the grading basis.  Override class requisites, and enroll students in classes requiring instructor consent.  Other topics include class rosters, data entry defaults, and instructor lookup. SPIRE Academic Records

Enrollment Requests & Overrides
Online Training Course

Zoom Training 
Academic Dean Functions / Credit Limit Overrides Grant credit limit overrides, monitor student incompletes, view comments. Dean’s Additional Functions

SPIRE Academic Records
Online Training Course

Online Training Course
Graduation Tracking & Clearance Track and clear undergraduate students for graduation. Grad Tracking In-person (1.5 hours)
Student Directory Information View publicly releasable information such as name, address, phone, email address, birth date, major, degrees & certificates and athletic affiliation. Student Directory Training Guide & Training Videos Self
Undergraduate Reports Using the SPIRE query system, view reports about course enrollment and departmental student data. Undergraduate Reports Training Guide Self
Graduate School      
Graduate Milestones & Committees View graduate students' milestones and committee data. SPIRE Academic Records

Graduate Milestones & Committees Training Guide
Online Training Course

Graduate Admissions Committee Member Review admission applications via Graduate Application Review (does not have access to record admission decisions). Must be Graduate Faculty Self
Graduate Program Primary Support Staff Member Review admission applications, record admission decisions, request SOL extensions, record load override, access Grad School queries and UMetrx reports for departments. Training Guide Self
Graduate School Queries & Reports Using the SPIRE query system, view reports about course enrollment and departmental student data. Training Guide Self
Prepare Grad Student Appointments (GFAFs) Enter job-specific information to initiate graduate student hiring process. Training Guide Self