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    Oct 27th, 2016

What's New in Office 2016

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Office 2016 includes all the features from Office 2013, but with improvements and some new features to make tasks quicker and easier.

OneDrive Integration

Office 2016 allows you to save documents online so that you can access them from any device at any time. You can download the OneDrive application to your mobile device to view and edit the documents on the go.

File Attachment

File attachment features have been expanded. You can now access recently attached files through the Attach button. You can use OneDrive to share files to your peers and assign them specific permissions (e.g., Read-only, Edit). 


Search Function

The search function has improved in a few ways. You can now search for emails across your computer or Office 365 mailbox. Keywords and people suggestions have also been improved.

PowerPoint Design

The new version of PowerPoint has some brand new features to make slides more engaging. The Morph transition allows for seamless, fluid transitions. The PowerPoint Designer feature gives you customized designs for your slides, and adapts to your preferences the more you use it. Learn more about PowerPoint Designer.  

Calendar Insights Template in Excel

This Excel feature allows you to analyze the data in your calendar in order to see how you are spending your time. Just connect your Exchange account and Excel's calendar insights template will generate a detailed summary of analytics based on your Exchange calendar. Learn more about the Calendar Insights Template.

Financial Templates in Excel

Excel now offers new and improved financial templates. Easily analyze financial data for both personal finances and stock analysis.

Share Panel

Sharing documents as attachments or PDF's is now simpler due to the Share panel in Word and PowerPoint. Share documents directly from the Share panel without having to switch to your email software.

Coauthor documents

You can now collaborate with others on documents, editing them in real time. You can change authoring permissions for Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Using the Share panel, you can easily add and remove authors, as well as change permissions for specific authors.

Insert Online Video in OneNote

Add online videos to make notes more interactive. Learn more about inserting online videos.

New Chart Types

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now have additional charts for analyzing and representing data. Some include: Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst. 

Office Themes

There are several Office themes available that give your Office suite a clean, uniform look. Learn more about changing your Office theme.

"Tell Me" Feature

This feature allows you to quickly search and access features that are hard to locate. It is available in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Project, Visio, and Access. (Note: Access is only available in Office 365 Education for Windows). It will also give you a list of functions related to the keyword you have searched. Simply type in what you need to do ("Tell me how to...") and Tell Me will guide you in the right direction.