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Qualtrics Research Suite

License Overview

The Qualtrics Research Suite is a comprehensive survey software tool available as a cloud service. It encompasses survey creation, collaboration, administration, analysis, and reporting. This license covers the base Research Suite survey tool. Current Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo users are encouraged to move to the Qualtrics product.



Qualtrics Research Suite licenses are available to departments and schools/colleges within UMass Amherst, as well as single users (faculty, staff, and students) for university-related work.

How to Obtain

To obtain a Qualtrics license, choose one of the following:

License Terms & Conditions

The Qualtrics contract at UMass Amherst provides for one-year licenses for the base Research Suite survey tool. Licenses are available for single users, departments, and schools/colleges within UMass Amherst. Licenses are renewable at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1).

Hardware & Software Requirements

All major browsers are supported. Internet Explorer (7+), Apple's Safari (3+), Google Chrome (2+), and Mozilla Firefox (4+).

Technical Support

Technical support and training is offered directly by Qualtrics. Qualtrics offers comprehensive end-user support and training at Qualtrics University Support and Training. Users can use online training resources and knowledgebase information, and directly submit support tickets to Qualtrics.

For more detailed information about how to use the Qualtrics Research Suite please consult the Qualtrics Frequently Asked Questions.