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Information Technology

Microsoft Software Through Connection (formerly GovConnection)

The University of Massachusetts offers discounts on Microsoft software through Connection (formerly GovConnection). This program is administered by UMass Amherst Information Technologies (UMass Amherst IT) and is available to students, faculty, and staff at all UMass campuses.

Microsoft Software for Personal Use (Students, Faculty & Staff)

Students, faculty, and staff can purchase discounted software for personal use through Connection, a software retailer and distributor. Members of the University community on all UMass campuses can participate.

Note: Faculty and staff can purchase one personal copy of Microsoft Office through Microsoft Campus Agreement at a greater discount. Additional copies can be purchased through Connection. 

Software offered through this program includes Microsoft Office 365 University for Windows & Mac OS X.

Microsoft Software for Official Institutional Use (Departments, Faculty & Staff)

Departments, faculty or staff from all UMass campuses who wish to purchase Microsoft software for official institutional use can also order through Connection. 


UMass Amherst departments, faculty, and staff can obtain some versions of Windows operating systems, and of the Microsoft Office suite at no additional cost for University-owned computers through Microsoft Campus Agreement. Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (formerly Microsoft Imagine or Dreamspark) also offers free copies of Windows operating systems, developer tools, server operating systems, and other Microsoft software to members of the campus community. Restrictions apply. 

Licenses & CDs

Licenses and CDs are sold separately.

  • Order one or more licenses if your department already has a CD-ROM containing the software, but you need more license keys to use it legally on additional computers.
  • Order a CD if you do not have the CD for a piece of software and already own, or are purchasing, a software license key.

How to Order

When ordering for the first time, you must create a Connection account. While creating your account, you will be asked to provide a valid UMass email address and a photo copy of your UMass ID as proof that you are a member of the UMass community.

  • Personal purchases: Students, faculty, and staff can purchase software for personal use at
  • Official Institutional Use: Faculty and staff can purchase software for official institutional use at:

    Note: If you purchase software for official University use with a Procard, you are also allowed to install one copy of the software on your personal computer. You do not need to purchase multiple copies.

Connection Representatives

For questions about ordering Microsoft Select software, please contact:

Kris Woodington

Senior Account Manager

GovConnection Public Sector IT Solutions

Phone: 800-800-6924

Fax: 603-683-1176


For general questions about the Connection program at UMass, please contact the IT Help Center (545-9400).