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Information Technology

Document Imaging (ImageNow)

ImageNow Overview

UMass Amherst IT maintains an imaging application available to all UMass Amherst departments (faculty and staff). The imaging system uses ImageNow from Perceptive Software. ImageNow has been used on campus since 2005, with the number of users growing significantly each year.

ImageNow is a reliable solution for any document management needs. It works by capturing documents electronically and storing them on a central server. Once they have been captured, they are inspected for quality and indexed with document keys, so they can be easily searched and retrieved. In addition to the electronic storage capabilities, ImageNow offers a powerful workflow component that can be used to process documents electronically. Workflow can be set up to map any paper process, no matter how simple or complex, making business routines more streamlined, more accurate, and faster.


  • Better connects staff to documents they need to complete their daily activities
  • Brings together documents and the business processes into one, easy-to-use system
  • Integrates with PeopleSoft, complementing business processes that are already established
  • Captures any type of document virtually
  • Provides instant access to documents at the very moment they are needed to respond quickly to inquiries, questions, or requests for documents
  • Allows for significantly less floor space in place of traditional paper file storage
  • Enables a standard method for searching for content.
  • Cuts down on the number of misfiled and/or lost documents
  • Reduces processing time by allowing multiple individuals the ability to view a document simultaneously


  • Easy to use interface
  • Simple and advanced search options
  • Powerful workflow component
  • Variety of capturing methods
  • Integration with PeopleSoft
  • Access to documents through a secure web connection
  • Customizable annotation tools

How to Obtain

If you wish to obtain ImageNow, or have questions, email Barbara Chamberlain,


There is a cost involved for departments using ImageNow. Departments are responsible for the following start-up costs: desktop computers, scanners, software licenses, and additional modules. For costing information, please contact Barbara Chamberlain,

Mission Alignment

Implementing ImageNow aligns with the Sustainable UMass Mission Statement of improving current practices by fostering innovative technology, creating a more responsible environment, and reducing negative environmental impacts in ways that are economically beneficial.