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Adobe Campus Agreement: Adobe Creative Cloud Products

As part of the University's Adobe Campus Agreement program, departments, faculty and staff can obtain Adobe Creative Cloud (CC), Adobe's suite of software for graphic design, video editing, and Web development, at no additional cost.

  • The following products are included in the University's contract with Adobe. This product list may be different from the commercial version of Creative Cloud. 
  • The name "Creative Cloud" does not mean products are stored in the "cloud." As with previous versions of Adobe software, you will download the software to your computer. Eligibility requirements apply. 
  • You do not need an active Internet connection to use the products in the Creative Cloud suite. Products do not run in a Web browser. 
  • For more answers, see the Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ.

Adobe Creative Cloud Product List

Acrobat Animate Illustrator CC
Acrobat Pro DC InCopy CC
After Effects CC InDesign CC
Audition CC Media Encoder
Bridge CC Photoshop CC
Dreamweaver CC Photoshop Lightroom
ExtendScript Toolkit Prelude CC
Extension Manager Premiere Pro CC
Fireworks CS6 SpeedGrade CC
Flash Builder  
Gaming SDK  

Software Packages

For shorter download and installation times, Adobe Creative Cloud is not available as a single software packages, but in smaller packages for Windows (64-bit and 32-bit) and Mac OS X:

Acrobat Pro DC

Photo & Desktop Publishing 
Bridge CC, Illustrator CC, InCopy CC, InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, Photoshop Lightroom

Video Production
After Effects CC*, Audition CC**, Media Encoder, Prelude CC**, Premiere Pro CC*, Scout*, SpeedGrade CC*

Web Design & Development
Adobe Animate, Dreamweaver CC, ExtendScript, Extension Manager, Fireworks CS6, Flash Builder, Gaming SDK, Muse

* Not available in the 32-bit Windows installers
** Creative Suite 6 (CS6) version available in the 32-bit Windows installers

All packages include Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App for managing application updates.